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For those who wish to be assigned


To those who wish to be assigned to our laboratory

The Smart Mechatronics Laboratory conducts a wide range of research, from basic theoretical research based on modern control theory to the development of robots and AI systems that apply systems control. Furthermore, in order to verify the effectiveness of the developed theories and robots, we use not only simulation-based analysis but also various evaluation devices such as motion capture systems and myopotential measurement devices to verify their effectiveness. In particular, our laboratory focuses on "manufacturing" that is truly needed in the real world and by real people, and is working on the creation of new robots and AI systems by forming teams inside and outside the university for each research theme. In addition, students are encouraged to visit and observe various academic conferences and exhibitions if they are interested, in order to find out what is really needed and the latest research.

From the fourth year, students are assigned to different laboratories to conduct research activities, which is different from the lectures they attended up to the third year. This is an opportunity for you to think carefully about what you want to become in the future, what field of specialization you want to pursue, and what you must do to achieve this before graduation. We also encourage you to see with your own eyes what kind of research is being conducted in each laboratory and what kind of atmosphere each laboratory has.

If you are interested in our laboratory or would like to talk to us, please contact us regardless of your grade. Let's work hard together as a team.

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