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Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Seller name

Taku Itami


We will disclose the information without delay upon request.

Phone number

We will disclose the information without delay upon request.

Chief Administrative Officer

Taku Itami

Additional fees and other additional charges

No, sir.

Refund policy

In principle, this plan does not allow for mid-term cancellation or refunds before the expiration date. However, only in the case of unintentional automatic renewal of a paid plan due to omission of cancellation procedures, etc., we will accept a request for cancellation of renewal according to the following rules.


If you cancel your subscription by yourself within 14 days of the auto-renewal date, and contact us to cancel your paid plan and request a refund.

The refund will only apply to the renewal period in question. Payments made prior to the renewal period will not be eligible for a refund. Cancellation requests will not be honored in the following cases

Contracts that are not automatically renewed, such as the first contract

Cancellation within the subscription period or refund of unused period

Delivery date

Available immediately after ordering

Acceptable means of payment

credit card

settlement period

It will be processed immediately.

Selling price


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