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Research Outline

Research Outline
Creating truly useful products

In recent years, the problem of aging has become more serious, especially in developed countries, and Japan is a super-aging society with the highest aging rate in the world.


As a result, the decline in mobility associated with aging affects daily life in an increasing number of situations.

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Development of a gait-assist robot that can be guided to normal gait

We are developing a wearable robot that guides the user to a normal gait based on functional anatomy to improve QOL (quality of life) in the future. We also conduct gait analysis and gait simulation analysis using 3D motion analysis equipment, treadmills, and plantar pressure measurement equipment.

For prevention of falls of the elderly
Development of balance measurement shoes

We are developing balance measurement shoes for the prevention of falls of elderly people indoors, using the relationship between the center of gravity balance and the supporting base surface during walking.

Walking Support
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For nursing and care support
Development of Smart Devices

In collaboration with the Faculty of Human Nursing, hospitals, and nursing homes, we are developing a smart device for back pain prevention for nurses and caregivers suffering from back pain. We are also developing an ergonomics-based low back burden analysis algorithm.

For Medical Imaging
Development of an automated musculoskeletal tracking algorithm

We are developing AI-based imaging algorithms that can automatically track the musculoskeletal system to diagnose abnormalities during locomotion such as walking.

research images
research images

Using Residual Functions of Forearm Amputees
Development of an active prosthetic hand

We are developing an active prosthetic hand that uses the weight of an amputee's forearm to improve the operation of a conventional active prosthetic hand.

We are developing an active prosthetic hand that uses the dead weight of an amputee's forearm to improve operation.

We are developing the mechanism using 3D CAD.

For Disaster Relief Assistance
Development of a Small Mobile Self-Sustaining Robot

We are developing a robot that can automatically detect obstacles and move to its destination in an environment where people cannot enter, such as a disaster site.

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Support for the Severely Hearing Impaired
Development of Smart Glasses

We are developing smart glasses for people with severe hearing loss to help them avoid danger in an emergency by visually communicating sound information.

Development of next-generation mobility

We are developing next-generation mobility systems for people with physical disabilities with the goal of realizing a society in which everyone can get around without any inconvenience.

Development of next-generation mobility

In addition, we are conducting research on wheelchair assistance, image analysis, and various other topics. 

research facilities

research images

Three-dimensional motion analyzer

Made in Optitrack
Made in Japan


3D printer

3D printer

Made by RICOH


3D printer

3D printer

Made of PP3DP


foot scan

Plantar pressure measuring device

Made by RS SCAN


Research Image

Measuring Treadmill

Made by DAIKOU


myoelectric potential

Myoelectric potential measuring device

Made by Oizaka Denshi

P-EMG Plus

medical images

Ultrasonic instrumentation for locomotor analysis

Made by Sigmax

pocket echo

darkroom box

Darkroom with dimmer function

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